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  1. Choose a partner from your class with whom to complete the SpatiaLAB assignment.  You may complete this exercise from a campus lab, the Library or you own system. All you need is an Internet connection.

  2. Open a new browser tab, navigate to and login with the ID RGOGuest and the Password.  mktgis    Then return to this page.

  3. After returning to this page, find the SpatiaLAB for your course in the list below. Working with your partner, find two adjacent computers. Click on the link for your class below to open the appropriate map.


    Instructional Overview for All Modules Foundational material for faculty using modules, optional for students
    Finding Market Opportunities MKT 360
    Retail Site Selection MKT 369
    Customer Profiling MKT 463, MKT 565, MKT 663
    Sales Territory Design MKT 361
    Matching Promotion to Segmentation MKT 285, MKT 569
    Evaluating International Opportunties ECO 310, ECO 315, ECO 410, MKT 568
    Assessing Global Markets ACC 610, MKT 667, MKT 669
    PMD's Global Entrepreneurship  with
    Gapminder and IT Spending in Germany map
    ACC 610, MKT 667, MKT 669

  4. Double click in the middle of the map to open a pop up box which contains two links.  The first is to a YouTube video tutorial which provides an overview of the lab, a description of its scenario and a summary of the tasks you will perform in the lab.  You should view this video tutorial before beginning opening and completing the SpatiaLab instructions. 

    The second link is to the written instructions and report template for the lab. Click on this link to download the MS Word file and open it in Word to view the SpatiaLAB instructions.
    SpatiaLab Sample Ma

  5. Complete the assigned tasks in the SpatiaLAB and answer the questions from the Lab in the format required by your instructor. When you have finished, submit the required written material.

  6. BE SURE to complete the SpatiaLAB Feedback Survey for your SpatiaLAB before leaving the exercise.  Your feedback provides important information for improving the SpatiaLAB series and its contribution to effective learning of Business GIS concepts and tools in marketing


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