MKT 675: Marketing Applications in eBusiness 
Course Overview


Electronic commerce is an essential component of corporate strategies for firms in business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. This course focuses on marketing applications in ECommerce, with an emphasis on developing operational ECommerce sites in entrepreneurial enterprises using widely available applications software.


  1. A 50 point Jump Station Web site
  2. A 100 point team eBusiness site
  3. A 50 point team order entry database assignment
  4. A 100 point mid-term examination
  5. A 100 point final examination



Text and Readings Topics
Internet Marketing Enters Mainstream
The Internet Value Chain
Business Models and Strategies
Marketing Foundations of eBusiness
Understanding the Internet Customer
Consumer Data Privacy
Designing and Maintaining Effective Web Sites
Customer Acquisition  Branding and Advertising
Customer Acquisition: Search, E-Mail, etc
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Service and Support in Web Space
Measuring and Evaluating Web Marketing Programs

Leveraging the Marketing Knowledge Asset
The Future: Wireless and Convergence
Internet Exercises and Software Projects
Communication and Community Tools
Business Information and Research Sites
Individual Jump Station Site with Expression Web
Team eBusiness Site with Expression Web
Developing a Targeted Promotional Campaign
Team Order Entry System Project with MS Access