MKT 585: Integrated Business GIS 
Course Overview

The term Integrated Business GIS refers to information technology systems which combine powerful Business geographic information system (GIS) software with extensive datasets, automated analytical tools, potent visualization capabilities and robust reporting capabilities. In this course, students will learn about the role of these systems in business decision making and how to apply Integrated Business GIS tools to business decisions such as competitive analysis, site selection, customer profiling, sales management and market segmentation. Course activities include readings, completion of modular Business GIS projects and a customized Business GIS research project for an external organization.Prerequisites: MKT 485 or consent of instructor.


  1. A 100 point midterm examination
  2. One 50 point online mapping project
  3. Two 50 point individual Business Analyst projects
  4. One 50 Business Analyst project for client organization
  5. A 100 point final examination


Overview of Integrated Business  GIS
Business mapping for organizations
Business Analyst applications in;
  Environmental scanning and market area analysis
  Site Selection without customer data
  Site selection with customer data
  Sales territory design
  Customer profiling and targeting
Business Analyst research project for client organization

ArcGIS Desktop 10.1
Business Analyst Desktop 10.1