MKT 568: Global Marketing Management 
Course Overview

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This is the undergraduate capstone marketing course. It covers the practice of marketing in a global economy. Major topics include (1) multinational environmental scanning, (2) marketing planning and strategy in a global context, (3) tactical international marketing decisions, (4) assessment of international market opportunities, and (5) ethical considerations in global marketing


  1. Two 100 point semester exams
  2. A 50 point individual country assessment research report
  3. A 50 point team team country assessment research report
  4. A 25 point team Business GIS market screening project
  5. A 100 point final examination


Theoretical Foundations
Country Attractiveness
Cultural Foundations
Marketing Research
Cultural Background of China
Buyer Behavior
Export Expansion
Licensing, Alliances, FDI

Mature and New Growth Markets
Emerging Markets
SPSS Analysis of Survey Research
Global Products and Services
Global Pricing
Global Advertising
Global Promotion
Global Distribution