MKT 485: Business GIS in Markting 
Course Overview

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Business GIS refers to the specialized application of geographic information systems (GIS) concepts and tools to the analysis of business problems.  As these tools become integrated into corporate information systems, managers in all fields must learn to apply them effectively in business decision making. In this course, students will develop these skills by learning the basic operations of GIS software and using them to make marketing decisions. Course activities include readings and completion of modular Business GIS projects. Prerequisite: MKT 360 or GSC 521 or consent of instructor


  1. A 100 point midterm examination
  2. One 50 point Business Mapping project in three parts
  3. Two 25 point individual Business GIS summary reports
  4. One 50 point team Business GIS market screening project
  5. A 100 point final examination


Introduction to GIS
Basic tools of GIS
Business mapping for exploration
Business mapping for communication
Business mapping for analysis
Business GIS applications in;
  Environmental scanning and market area analysis
  Market segmentation and targeting
  IMC message and media planning
  International market assessment
  Customer profiling and targeting
  Retail site selection
Market area project for client organization
ArcGIS Desktop 10.1
Business Analyst Online